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Recent blog posts

Remmina for EPEL7
By mail I has been asked to build Remmina for epel7. Unfortunately in EPEL absent freerdp library. But both now present in my Remmina-next copr-repo. How to install For installation run as root (or add sudo) provided commands. Install yum copr plugin If you use my. . . more
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New Fedora 25 pf(post-factum) kernel build 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1
In previous post I announce step to building kernels for almost released Fedora 25 with first pf kernel build. Now I build new one 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1 with MuQSS instead of BFS It is for recent v4.8-pf2 released recently. As usual it available from my repository for easy install RPMs for direct. . . more
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New Fedora 25 pf kernel build 4.8.0-v4.8-pf1(post-factum)
Fedora 25 come! I start build pf-kernels for it. Today I present new branch and. . . more
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New Fedora 24 pf kernel build 4.7.2-v4.7-pf2(post-factum)
After long time I finally switched to Fedora 24 and start again build Post-Factum kernels. Now I present 4.7.2 version with post-factum patch. . . more
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I'm Pavel Alexeev, Fedora Linux maintainer, programmer including opensource, and Linux Ambassador.

It is very likely you are come there for my additional Fedora Linux repository. Is not?

In any case, I'll be very-very glad any contacts (except spam :)).

My motto:

Девиз (in Russian):