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New Fedora kernel builds: 3.19-pf2 (post-factum) and my 3.19.1-201.hu.1.uksm.bfs.bfq.zram-lz4

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Long awaited update.

RPMs for direct download available:

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Anonymous user #1

46 months ago
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Hi Pavel,

I have an interest in your kernel. Tell me in general terms, what is the difference? In general, what was removed, and what was added?

Thank you.,

Leslie in Montreal Canada


45 months ago
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Hi Leslie. Thank you very much for the interest. Basicly I try do not remove anything, just add interesting me patches. It is main goal to build not vanilla kernel with aforementioned patches, but Fedora instead. What added with links to project listed on github: https://gith...bitus/kernel
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