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New repository for Fedora27
Fedora 27 beta out And I also update on it and start build new packages. Who want update my repository may just do: su -c 'rpm -Uhv http://rpm.hubbitus.info/Fedora27/Hubbitus-release-27-latest.noarch.rpm' Repository instructions also updated.. . . more
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Step to Fedora26
Simple installation: su -c 'rpm -Uhv http://rpm.hubbitus.info/Fedora26/Hubbitus-release-26-latest.noarch.rpm' Repository instructions also updated.. . . more
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Remmina for EPEL7
By mail I has been asked to build Remmina for epel7. Unfortunately in EPEL absent freerdp library. But both now present in my Remmina-next copr-repo. How to install For installation run as root (or add sudo) provided commands. Install yum copr plugin If you use my. . . more
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New Fedora 25 pf(post-factum) kernel build 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1
In previous post I announce step to building kernels for almost released Fedora 25 with first pf kernel build. Now I build new one 4.8.2-300.pf2.hu.1 with MuQSS instead of BFS It is for recent v4.8-pf2 released recently. As usual it available from my repository for easy install RPMs for direct. . . more
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