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New package for Fedora - elmon

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Official site: http://elmon.sourceforge.net/

elmon is a performance monitoring tool for Linux. It provides an ncurses interface as well as the ability to save the data to a CSV file. elmon is based on nmon by Nigel Griffiths and the CSV output is compatible with nmon processing tools.

It is not so fresh, but works. Most important it like nmon by may utilize 2 columns.

Fedora official review request 
Initial commit 
Koji build 
And as usual for Fedora 21 
in my repository.



Anonymous user #1

41 months ago
Score 0++
Will it be in Fedora22 as a supported application?


41 months ago
Score 0++
Hello. It proposed to inclusion - you may findd utl in initial post. So, we may hope it happened. If someone want step to review and speedup that process - welcome.
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