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Httpd22 rpm package for convenient use with 1С web-services

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If you are like me use 1C:Enterprise Web-services on Fedora/CentOS/RHEL Linux it may be helpful.

Unfortunately 1C for their WEB-services stick on old Apache 2.2 line. So, wsap22.so installed from distribution use old API and can't be inserted in modern Httpd 2.4 version even for last 8.2 platform releases. It is sad because I do not known nowadays linux distributions which does not switched to 2.4 already. It leads to search all packages, break dependencies, mangle installation, problem use server as web-server too…

With that package which intentionally renamed (so it is not httpd-2.2.23 it is httpd22-2.2.23) I solve such problem for self. All name collisions which I found so far resolved and it amy co-existent with normal httpd package. Services, logs and even configs have suffix 22 (similar to /etc/httpd22), so you may manage it separately. Off course on different ports (8080 used by default).

For base I took old Fedora 17 git repo.

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